Verreli has experience working globally with blue chip clients and smaller companies, offering the same results driven, value added service to all. From project management services to carbon fibre and kevlar physical prototype manufacture we are able to make a positive difference to your organisation, achieving results quickly and effectively. We specialise in unique, challenging or difficult projects, usually in highly regulated industries such as aerospace or power generation and often where discretion is required as is often the case with new or strategically important technologies. Please contact us if you would like to discuss how our knowledge and experience can benefit your oganisation and objectives.

Project Processes

Improve processes to increase efficiency, productivity and rigor in your projects.

What do I need to do?...

Verreli has the answer.

Digital Tools

Leverage the power of tools such as MS Project to achieve previously hidden insight.

How can tools help?...

Verreli has the answer.

Team Dynamics

Get the most from your team. Achieve more with less. Improve cooperation and harmony.

Is my team as good as it can be?...

Verreli has the answer.

Transform or Die. How to survive in a changing world.

Find out how to Improve Productivity in your team.

What is Project Agility in the real world and how can it benefit me?

Fact: The world is changing. History is littered with businesses that failed to adapt and didn't survive as a result. Shrewd business leaders recognise this and proactively change their business processes and product offering to suit the evolving environment. Verreli can guide you through this evolution.

Who wouldn't want to get more from what they already have? Improving productivity is key to maximising the potential of your business and the wellbeing of the people within it. Verreli has identified areas that are critical to this essential business element and would like to share them with you.

Traditionally projects were managed with either a rigid framework of processes or incremental cumulative short term deliverables. The reality is that your business is unique, comprising a group of people with specific personalities. A tailored solution is likely what you need. Verreli can shape something that works for you.

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